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I am a veteran masseuse who has taken care of men, especially.

I have developed a technique over the years for men to reinvent themselves through techniques of understanding how energy works and how it can be applied to your sensual and erotic natures in the envelope of a deep tissue sensual massage either mixed together or separated out. Your choice.

It doesn't matter if you have sexual issues or just want to learn the art of anti-ageing. I am pleased to share all this with you at my desired location, to teach and show you this art you can take with you everywhere you go. It is "not" just a massage, or a weak one, due to those who are not fully trained in this beautiful art form, as well as physically up to the task to do work on those gentle men who are muscle bound or thicker skinned.

The results of my work will bring new sensations to feelings that will seep gently into your life.  What may seem like an issue or a problem with your sense of self or issues you have at work or at home, or even the dreaded mid-life crisis, my techniques will be easily explained and shown as I set you on my table to pamper your body and adore you, as the Goddess I am known to be!

What I would like to do now is find those aspiring individuals whom I can help facilitate this work I have developed; to bring them to a soulful experience that is defined by massage and the arts I have developed as a deep tissue AND sensual masseuse - the complete package!

I am a certified deep-tissue bodyworker as well as an energy worker/healer with over 15 years experience.